Travel® travel experts based in Marrakech, is a personal project to publicize Morocco, which since 2011 provides an alternative to travelers who are not satisfied with the planning of their events.

We help you design your trip and / or event. designed to enjoy a stay in Morocco. Our experience at your service, to provide a quality service, close and respectful.
We have a set of best practices that we hope your well and a commitment to responsible tourism and defense of Nature.

Travel® has the best ways to discover Morocco.

Our location in the city of Marrakech, also allows us to offer the best travel options, activities for you to enjoy the city and its surroundings, with daily excursions to Essaouira, waterfalls ozoud, Ourika Valley, Imlil. In our travels Imperial Cities, desert, northern Morocco, Atlantic Coast have native guides who will teach the best of each place.

Whether a business as an individual, trust your event or trip, a team of professionals will be at your service to provide the best alternatives.

Responsible tourism

We don’t want you to go without knowing a culture and ancestral lifestyle, we want to teach our House and be our guest. Depending on the type of trip required somewhat in all an open fitness and physical, will therefore have to be open to do things as we do them at home.

We are going to work to make everything work properly, only going to ask for respect for a culture and way of life that probably does not share. We make our own and hope that yours also the “Beyond where fueres haz lo que vieres”, likewise we advise you to not give or candies and no tip whatsoever to children numbers that we will bring, would be encouraging that they see us as purses errant and not you leave them cost-effective to go to school, if you want to contribute, our guides you will present those responsible for each tribe, teachers or doctors so take charge of your gifts and distribute them.

FAADA Turismo Responsable
Protect the children
Clogal Code of Ethics for Tourism
SPANA For the working animals of the world


Accommodation hotel or Riad, Gîte d’ stage as shelters in high mountains are establishments that we know well because they are that we use regularly, most are managed by families in the area so that we contribute to the richness of the place. They are clean and welcoming places that are well placed.


Another of the attractions of Morocco are countless souks that we will attract with its colors, scents and crafts. Our guides have no agreement with any establishment, nor participate in any Commission for purchases, if they request it is will make them interpreters, but nothing more.


Recommended for eating establishments are chosen by a quality criterion, there by both other interest areas, travelers will be free to choose.


Holidays are not so much our trip, so to the extent possible and whenever the appropriate routes circumstances they may be modified, our guides will be there to provide any additional information they need to make a decision.


Is tempting to make photographs mostly to women and children by the peculiarity of their clothes, we ask respect towards these people and their right to the image, none of us would have a family photo shooting world as a souvenir, think that to them we also seem peculiar and deserving of photography. Photos can be people always with permission.

Photos on the web and social networks

Many travelers who send us their photos, snapshots are occurring at a time of familiarity. Amazigh Marruecos does not publish (despite having the proper permits) photographs which can identify individuals, much less pictures of minors, so we publish mainly landscapes.

Customize your trip.